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There's something happenin' here.
What it is ain't exactly clear.
There's a man with a gun over there,
Telling me I got to beware.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

By 2003, 53 of the 100 largest economies in the world were corporations.

These large corporations, or more specifically, their CEOs, control most of the energy, food, banking, industry, and media of the world.

Unfortunately, most of those CEOs have long ceased thinking of themselves as citizens of nation states.  Why should they, when they themselves are the multi-millionaire dictators of corporate states that control cash flows exceeding those of most countries?  Why should they, when they have bodyguards, gated estates, resources concealed in offshore bank accounts, numerous compliant politicians in Washington, DC to protect them, and an abundance of allies in the mass media to lie for them?  True, they must have physical facilities in some nation state somewhere; but loyalty to a society or to a nation in no way follows from that inconvenience.

These CEOs, and other corporate and banking officers, have long chafed under the requirements of legitimate states that they pay taxes, or refrain from polluting, or pay employees a living wage.  So much so that already, prior to the end of World World II, their agents declared World War III against all legitimate states everywhere.

"The powersof financial capitalism had a far-reaching (plan), nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.  This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences."

Professor Caroll Quigley
Georgetown University

To be more specific, World War III was declared July 1, 1944, at Bretton Woods, in New Hampshire.

Though by now everyone has seen various manifestations of this war, few of the citizens of the the many countries of the world are clearly aware that it has been underway for decades now. 

Indeed, in truly eerie fashion, this pervasive state of ignorance concerning World War III includes even the actual "combat troops":  police officers working for cities, employees of "security agencies" such as the Department of Homeland Security, soldiers, such as those who died fighting for oil corporation CEOs in Iraq, and the employees of privately owned central banks, such as the Federal Reserve.  All of these individuals have been furnished with a nominal purpose, apparently compatible with citizenship in a legitimate state.  However, all also have an actual purpose, of which they are largely unaware, which is flatly incompatible with the existence of democracy.

It starts when you're always afraid.
Step out of line, the man comes and he takes you away.

For example, today, various branches of "law enforcement" are massively involved in political suppression and domestic spying.  The consequence: despite the fact that they are not suspected of any crime whatsoever, every single American citizen has an electronic DHS dossier jam-packed with the intimate personal details of their lives.    Yes, that includes you, dear reader:  every home you've ever lived in, every flight you ever taken, associates you may have come into contact with on those airflights, or at work, every employer you've ever had, your family composition, phone numbers, credit cards, bank accounts, and much, much, much more, is all in there.  State-level DHS "fusion centers" add massive amounts of detail to these electronic dossiers, every day, for "persons of interest" — which can indeed include actual criminals, and in extremely rare cases actual terrorists, but also individuals who may have joined a political party out of favor with the corporate fascists, or indeed who are simply politically active. (The criteria for surveillance are never made public, and there is no independent oversight.)  Surveillance by camera is, of course, now universal; but that's only the tip of the iceberg.  Surveillance in unmarked cars, or by plain-clothes police of individuals accused of no crime is now also commonplace.  DHS has a program in place for high-radiation mobile whole body imaging .  Police are also actively engaged in a type of "proactive" policing which includes intimidation of those who might engage in some "crime."  Under CALEA, telephone tapping is taking place on a massive scale — and, yes, may very well extend to your phone.  And the TSA now has teams roving around at random, far from airports.

And then there are home break-ins (sneak and peeks), too. 

Yet the rationale provided to law enforcement officials for all of this blatantly unconstitutional, police-state activity is prevention of "domestic terrorism." (The corporate-fascist Bush administration greatly accelerated all of this activity under cover of the events of 9/11, but some of it, such as illegal wiretapping, is now believed to have pre-dated 9/11.) And since that rationale, however flimsy, also comes with a paycheck, these officials are currently playing along, no matter what private, personal qualms they may feel about what they are doing.  (And despite the fact, or perhaps because of the fact, that there are dossiers concerning them on file, too.)   

All of this, and much, much more, makes World War III quite different from the two that preceded it.  In this war, transnational corporations, including, above all, media corporations (and their lobby, the NAB), privately-owned central banks, and transnational organizations, such as the World Bank and the World Economic Forum, comprise the aggressors.  In addition to domestic spying, their means of warfare also include the targeting of the economies and governments and media of legitimate states.  Actual "theater" wars, such as that in Iraq, also comprise part of the arsenal (and conveniently also serve to help bankrupt legitimate governance in the US).

All genuine countries, and all individuals, save a tiny handful of multi-millionaires and billionaires — the effective dictators of these non-elected corporate autocracies — comprise the victims of this massive and multifaceted, if often concealed or cosmeticized, aggression. Under their assault, the relationship of citizens to nations is degenerating into the relationship of economic slaves to corporation-and-bank-run police states, as their influence is increasingly felt in those nations. (One of the greatest virtues of the Occupy Wall Street movement is that is has unmistakably surfaced the lies, aggression, media involvement, and pervasiveness, of fascists.)

In short, corporate fascism is now global — that, indeed, is the true meaning of the term "globalization" . 

Even now, all of this may sound a bit outlandish. That's primarily due to the fact that most of us obtain our news from disingenuous no-conspiracy theorists — which is to say the immensely wealthy owners of the vast news conglomerates, who are themselves actively participating in transnational corporate fascism.  Today one can find a Bilderberg newspaper, such as the Washington Post, constantly advancing self-protective no-conspiracy theories.  On the internet, Slate, established by Bilderberg leader Bill Gates, also nominally subscribes to no-conspiracy theories.  Undoubtedly, even many employees actually believe these no-conspiracy theories, as they are, themselves, unaware of the truth.  Nevertheless, to say that Slate, the Washington Post, and other organizations of this nature have no credibility whatsoever is perhaps to make the greatest understatement language currently can express.

When there's a war on it is, of course, a tremendous advantage if the other side doesn't even know it's being fought.  The furor over poltical parties serves to cover a multitude of additional sins.  So does celebrity gossip.  So does sports "news". So do television shows concerning karaoke, cooking, and car talk.

But, despite the wishes of the corporate fascists, their criminal plans, criminal practices, and criminal organizations, are increasingly heaving into view, and into focus.  The evidence concerning the true nature of corporate fascism is daily becoming more massive, incontrovertible, and ubiquitous, though with extensive mass media propaganda and misdirection, and with most individuals busy with family and work, the overall pattern can, even now, be missed.

It's time to stop, now, what's that sound?
Everybody look what's going down.

So if all of this still sounds a bit improbable, never fear.  We'll be placing the evidence before you in this field guide, and you can judge for yourself.

We'll also be telling you what you can do about global corporate fascism, too, including all of you still-patriotic NSA and FBI and TSA and DHS and DoD employees who are beginning to suspect that something truly ugly is underway that isn't, primarily, about terrorism. (Yes, it's true, of course, that there are a tiny handful of actual terrorists out there, and there are always plenty of criminals, petty and organized — but we have arrived at a condition in America, and indeed in the entirety of the world beyond, in which democracy itself is in extremely grave peril; and petty or even organized criminals aren't stealing trillions of dollars and getting away with it in the way that the banking and finance black hats are.)

For now, at least, the truth is still, somewhat, legal. 

For now, at least, some of that truth can still reach citizens, legislators, and law-enforcement officials.  

And for now, at least, we'll do our best to put that truth in front of you.

The Editors
Progressive Living

". . . the concentration of wealth was the fulcrum on which the most basic political questions pivoted, a dividing line deeper than region or religion, race or sex.  In the nature of things, government might choose to enhance the economic prospects for the many or to safeguard the accumulated wealth held by the few, but frequently the two purposes were in irreconcilable conflict.  The continuing political struggle across this line, though unseen and rarely mentioned, was the central narrative of American political history, especially in the politics of money.  The Federal Reserve served as mediating agent for this enduring conflict."

William Greider
Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country


Global Fascism:
A Field Guide


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